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Canadian Video Gallery

Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outpost Cabins in Ontario

Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, & Lake Trout Fishing

We are conveniently located 1 hour from the US border. Why waste valuable time and money driving further when you could be fishing? Enjoy some of Northwestern Ontario's best fly-in fishing outpost cabins available. We have hand selected some of Ontario's best remote fly in fishing lakes for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, muskie, & lake trout for you to fish and explore. The lakes that we offer are the only cabins on the lake except for Trout (Otukamamoan) Lake.

You won't be fishing with any crowds on these remote lakes located in Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country. Our Canadian fly in outposts are catch and release and offer excellent fishing for numbers and trophies!  A remote fly in outpost adventure is a great way to experience fantastic Canadian fishing and enjoy the trip on your own schedule, fish as long as you want or sit back and relax, you are the boss. Enjoy riding in the safety and comfort of a twin engine aircraft with a professional pilot. Your safety and comfort are our priority. Make your next fly in fishing trip one to remember, come and experience what  NW Ontario has to offer with Gateway North Outfitters! Trips with Gateway North Outfitters are more than just a fishing trip!

A beautiful early morning flight in our Beech 18 taking fishermen to a remote fly in outpost cabin. Imagine riding in this unique floatplane on your next Canadian fly-in fishing trip!

Another great video made by a group of our guests while fishing at our Sakwite Lake fly in outpost cabin. Imagine fishing on a remote lake with just your group and catching fresh walleye for a shore lunch.

A great video of a trip that a guest put together of their trip to our remote fly in outpost cabin located on Fishtrap Lake. Check out all of our great fly in outpost locations for your next fly in fishing adventure!

We have some monster fish in our area of NW Ontario. Some anglers will be surprised at what bites when you least expect it. This monster muskie was caught while fishing smallmouth bass with light tackle. 

A spring time tradition in our area is dip netting suckers in the local creeks when they are spawning. The kids especially love doing this as well as many adults. Many fishermen will get some suckers to use the belly meat for bottom fishing in the spring time from shore.

PA 12 C-GEFD taking off of Off Lake near Emo, Ontario to do camp checks at remote fly-in outpost cabins. Off Lake is where Gateway North Outfitters airbase is located.

PA12 C-GEFD taking off on a check flight for our remote fly in fishing outpost on Trout Lake (Otukamamoan Lake) located 45 miles from our airbase on Off Lake in NW Ontario Canada. 

PA12 C-GEFD landing on Off Lake after doing camp checks at remote fly-in outpost cabins in NW Ontario Canada. The cub is a great floatplane for flying in the Canadian wilderness.

A nice walleye caught while fishing on Sakwite Lake. This young boy was sure he had a walleye and was pretty excited. A great day fishing in the Canadian wilderness with Gateway North Outfitters.

Beech 18 C-FGUE taxiing in to one of our remote fly-in outpost cabins in NW Ontario, Canada. This is the oldest flying Beech 18 on floats in Canada and is a great workhorse even by today's standards and all of our guests enjoy the comfort and speed that the plane flies fo their trips into the Canadian wilderness.

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