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Our Aircraft

1943 Beech C18S

Our Beech 18 still earns its keep by transporting all of our guests to the outposts and is a true workhorse of the north. It is the oldest and lowest total time Beech 18 on floats flying. All of our outpost guests enjoy riding with Trevor in this vintage aircraft.

Once you ride in will never want to ride in anything else. Fast, reliable and dependable. This aircraft has comfortable forward facing seats and headsets for everyone. The Beech-18 on floats is one of the greatest bush planes around.

900hp and seating up to 8.


1959 Cessna 180

This is a staple when flying in the bush. The Cessna 180  has 230 hp. It can carry a good load and is fast. It is used to service and maintain the outposts or just check in on the guests. If any issues arise we can get the problem fixed quickly.

If you see it flying over or stopping at the cabin you can expect to see Lucas and possibly even Nikki making sure everything is good. 

1946 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

Our Cub is our smallest plane and has 150 hp. Making it a very powerful yet economical camp check plane. It is great for doing short hops from cabin to cabin checking on guests to make sure you are having a great trip.

When you see this plane coming in, you can expect Hunter to check on the camp and make sure everything is good. He also likes to talk fishing and is always interested in how you are doing. Occasionally you may see Lucas flying the Cub as it is a blast to fly.

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