2022 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

9 Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outposts Drive In Fishing Cabins on Off Lake.

Remote Canadian fishing vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian wolf hunts in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/26-7/1/2022

Group Name: Dailey

Guest Comments:  As usual the fishing was incredible.  Three 23" walleye off the dock in the first 1/2 hour of fishing.  Very large smallmouth bass on the rocks, several over 4#.  Caught hundreds of northern pike on weed lines with spinner baits and top water.  One northern at 37".  Walleye were very "fat" with certain points where we caught 10-20 fish in 20 minutes.  Rapids in lower lake produced big numbers of both bass and walleye.  Incredible fishery!!!  Lucas and Nicole are fantastic hosts!  Everything was well done.  

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/25-6/30/2022

Group Name: Smith

Guest Comments:  Fish total - 333 - mostly bass and northerns.  Cabin - clean, very nice.  Plane was great!

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/25-6/30/2022

Group Name: Aaberg

Guest Comments:  Lots  of great fishing.  Big bass along the shores biting almost everything.  Great walleye along the reef and along the two outlets/inlets on the North side of the lake.  Trolling and casting for northerns in the weedy bays and along the reef produced lots of great big fish.  Had some trouble finding fish that were small enough to keep which was fun.  Every fish was a bit strong as they fought as if they were 5" bigger than they really were.  Very picture-esc fish with great color and big shoulders which made for great memories.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/23-6/30/2022

Group Name: Krall

Guest Comments:  Walleye - few but big  handful @ 27", 

Bass - everywhere, catch all day long

Pike - lots of pike

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/23-6/29/2022

Group Name: Alt

Guest Comments:  Lots of walleye in the rivers.  Bigger ones were in the basin and biggest was 26" (3) and several 23-25" walleye.  Lots of pike all over the lake.  Plenty of smallies, biggest was 19.5".  Lots of lake trout trolling with cranks over 100' of water, most in the 24-26" range.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/23-6/29/2022

Group Name: Ugland

Guest Comments:  We caught numerous fish every day.  Multiple 17" smallmouth bass.  21" walleye and 33" northern pike.  Fishing was great every day.  We will definitely be back.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/23-6/27/2022

Group Name: Taylor

Guest Comments:  Our best trip ever!  Lots of smallies and walleyes.  Big fish were 30" walleye and 8# smallmouth.  Great fishing.  The new cabin and all amenities were great and huge improvement over the old cabin.  Already rebooked for next year!

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/19-6/26/2022

Group Name: Cook

Guest Comments:  Fish on beds.  Females laying eggs.  100+ fish a day.  Good fishing everyday.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/22-6/26/2022

Group Name: Vuckson

Guest Comments:  Bass fishing was great! Caught 100's each days, lots of 16-19". Great top water action. The smallies were on fire at the falls.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/20-6/25/2022

Group Name: Heiden

Guest Comments:  Fishing was great.  Smallmouth mostly 16-22".  Walleye great - lots of numbers.  Cabin was great and very nicely equipped. Great trip.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/20-6/25/2022

Group Name: Fasulo

Guest Comments:  Tons of bass and pike everyday!  On beds but not completely locked on day 2

Bass - 19.5"

Pike - 32"

Lake Trout - 28"

Massive thunderstorm on day 1.  Man overboard!

Great time as usual.  Lucas & Nicole are awesome!

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/19-6/24/2022

Group Name: Loop

Guest Comments:  Came in and our first 2 days were really hot, high 90's.  Fishing was a little slower and everything we found was in the shallows.  Day 3 it cooled down after a big storm and the fishing started picking up.  Pike and bass hitting right off the rock shelves and were running a little deeper.  Group of 8 guys and the group best was 34.5" pike, 25" walleye, and 19" bass.  We averaged about 65 fish per person over 5 days.  Overall we had a great trip.  Great job Gateway.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/19-6/23/2022

Group Name: Schulzetenberg

Guest Comments:  Largest smallmouth 24", largest walleye 26", pike 35".  The rapids were the hot spot. Good pike fishing below the rapids and ridiculous bass fishing above the rapids.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/19-6/23/2022

Group Name: Otte

Guest Comments:  Highly recommend both portages - great eater walleye action on unnamed lake and excellent walleye on Upper Highrock.  3# smallies trolling crankbaits on back bay of Fishtrap behind cabin.  3 and 4# smallies on the river bend on Upper Highrock.  Northern were everywhere.  Trolled crankbaits to find walleyes and then leeches in 6-8 of water in Upper Highrock.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/17-6/23/2022

Group Name: Plutz

Guest Comments:  Great week.  100+ fish per boat most days.  Smallmouth on fire at the Sakwite falls and in the shallow rocks.  Lake trout literally everywhere trolling.

Big fish

Bass - 19.5"

Walleye - 26"

Trout 26"

Pike - 45", 42", 36", 34", 32"

Lucas, Nicole, Hunter, and Trouble (the Beagle) are top notch!  Absolutely fantastic out of this world fishing.  Best trip ever!

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/17-6/22/2022

Group Name: Tomczyk

Guest Comments:  Fishing was amazing and it was so good to be back with GNO!!!  Unlimited walleyes, great bass fishing and a few pike here and there.  Find the rocks and wind, and there will be fish.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/15-6/22/2022

Group Name: Rhudy

Guest Comments:  Great bass - 2-4#, walleye - some real good size,

lake trout - 17  20-32", Pike - up to 40".  Great trip.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/16-6/20/2022

Group Name: Vienhage

Guest Comments:  Fishing Eric Lake was incredible.  Our group caught 711 fish total in 4 days!  Biggest northern was 39.5" with 10 over 30".  Biggest walleye was 24" and biggest smallmouth was 20" and 4#, tons of 18-20" and 3-4# smallies caught.  The cabin is amazing and the food plan is the way to go. 

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/14-6/19/2022

Group Name: Schultz

Guest Comments:  Great smallmouth, a lot of small walleye.  Some big walleye by cabin, largest was 26".  Pike were a little on the small side, we had a 36" and 37".  The cabin was great.  Thank you.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/12-6/19/2022

Group Name: Klongland

Guest Comments:  Great camp and facilities.  Weather did not cooperate, had rain 6 of 7 days. Fronts and high pressure did not help fishing last couple of days.  Had a 29' and 27" walleye, a bunch over 23".  36" pike was the biggest.  Lots of nice bass over 18" and a couple at 20".  Overall a nice week.  Thanks to Trevor for the great flights and Nicole, Lucas, and Hunter for everything.  Top notch!!!

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/12-6/19/2022

Group Name: Couch

Guest Comments:  Caught lots of fish. Lots of smallmouth up 20". Many were on beds. 33" muskie.  Napanee portage was excellent for smallmouth. Northern up to 32". Great time had by all.  We will be back, just have to decide which lake to try next.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/11-6/17/2022

Group Name: Sather

Guest Comments:  Walleye was excellent, most averaged 20-24", largest was 27.5". 

Lake trout 29.5".  Great trip as usual. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/11-6/17/2022

Group Name: Berwanger

Guest Comments:  Had the time of my life!  36.5" northern, 25" walleye,  19.5" smallmouth bass. Thank you very much!

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/11-6/16/2022

Group Name: Cole

Guest Comments:  Lots and lots of walleyes. Caught at least 500 fish. Most walleye were 17-23",  4 pike 40+", and giant bass up to 20", lots of fun.  Great cabin and equipment!  Lucas, Nicole, Hunter, and Trevor do a great job.  Thank you!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/10-6/15/2022

Group Name: Heinert

Guest Comments:  Caught Smallmouth and Northern on the main lake frequently, targeting the shorelines and shallows.  Had to hunt for Walleye, finding the majority through the Highrock portage and on Fishtrap behind the cabin.  The biggest number and size were caught there as well.  Numbers were good with the largest Walleye at 27", Northern at 31.5", and Smallmouth at 18".  Great stay - Lucas, Nicole, Hunter and Trevor do a great job and help make our stay memorable. 

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/11-6/15/2022

Group Name: Flemming

Guest Comments:  Caught limits of walleye and smallmouth each day, limit on lake trout last 2 days.  Easily over 500 fish between us for the trip. First day was best weather. Water temp around 62 degrees the whole time.  Largest of each species - 36" northern, 28" walleye, 19" smallmouth, and 27" lake trout.  Fished everywhere but the incoming rapids were by far the most productive.  Caught all species on just about every type of bait and lure used.  Great flights and accommodations. 

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/9-6/14/2022

Group Name: Laker

Guest Comments:  - pike everywhere - bigger at the North falls

- smallmouth all over Eltrut in rocks/on nests - many 17-20" and 2.5-4#

- walleye at top of South falls

- smallmouth in eddies at top of North falls

- perch on East bank of Eltrut

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/8-6/13/2022

Group Name: Blom

Guest Comments:  The fishing was excellent. Caught all the species. Pilot was great. Hunter was great.  Cabin was great.  We will be back next year.  

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/5-6/12/2022

Group Name: Capper

Guest Comments: It was good to be back after a long wait due to covid. Cabin and equipment was great. Walleye fishing was outstanding, caught more walleye this trip than last. Smallmouth were more challenging and not as easy to locate as our last trip. Caught lots of 25-33" pike. Weather was great for the trip. A fun time was had by all.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/7-6/11/2022

Group Name: Hawkinson

Guest Comments: Caught lots of pike and smallmouth bass. Walleye fishing was slow, only caught a few. Some of the bass were very good size and pike were fat and healthy. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/7-6/11/2022

Group Name: Snodgrass

Guest Comments: Walleye - great fishing shallow up to 12'

Smallmouth bass - great fishing from shoreline depth - starting to spawn

Easy 700 fish week.  Great cabin and accommodations!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/5-6/10/2022

Group Name: Rasmusen

Guest Comments: Fishing somewhat slow but picked up at the end. Lots of fish to eat. Last day caught lots of bass.  Cabin, boats, and motors all great.


Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/4-6/9/2022

Group Name: Ludwikowski

Guest Comments: Day one was a little slow but by lunch time on day two we had the smallmouth figured out. Caught them up in the rapids and in the back of grassy coves on swim baits, grubs and road runners. As the water got warmer the bass started to move up shallower. We found Eltrut was 10°F warmer and they should be spawning any day now. Once we found the walleye we we’re pulling out 18”-20” walleyes like it was nothing, we even caught 3 that were over 26”. By the end of the trip we were so tired of catching massive smallies we we would hook a 4 pounder and we’re try to get it to shake the hook at the boat so we didn’t have to mess with it. Everyone in our group caught multiple bass over 20 inches.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/29-6/8/2022

Group Name: Springer

Guest Comments:  The weather was cold and rainy for the first few days with high winds but the fishing was still good. The bass were still in pre-spawn but we caught good numbers with good size. The northern bite was good with several caught in the 34-36 inch range. Lake trout were plentiful and we caught them trolling as well as on lures when we were bass fishing. The accommodations were spot on as usual and the wood heater was put to good used a couple of nights. Lucas and Nicole are the perfect hosts and we are booked for next year.  

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/1-6/7/2022

Group Name: Radermacher

Guest Comments: Everything was spectacular.  Checking in was easy and friendly.  Flight was wonderful as well as the pilot.  Fishing was a dream.  Over 100 fish per person and over 500 fish for the trip.  Food plan was excellent, alot of food!  Several walleyes 25", several northerns 35-40", and several bass 18-21" and so much more.

39 and 40" pike largest

3 - 25" walleye

6 - 20"+ smallmouth bass

Minnows and leeches on jig and twister tail the best.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/1-6/7/2022

Group Name: Darling

Guest Comments: Caught all species - trout, walleye, bass, and pike.  One day we caught 130 fish between the 4 of us.  Trout everywhere, bass up on the rocks, northern everywhere, and walleye at about 14' in most bays.  Tons of fish down by the river and rapids,

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/1-6/5/2022

Group Name: Toivonen

Guest Comments: Lots of walleye and many above 20". Largest being 28".  Lots of northern, no really big ones, largest maybe 32".  Only a few bass.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/31-6/5/2022

Group Name: Coombs

Guest Comments: Great time. Challenging weather. Saw a few bears and a moose. Most walleye caught were over 18". Camp and equipment worked great. 

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/29-6/5/2022

Group Name: Rose

Guest Comments: Great week! Cabin, boats, and all were really great. Really cold this week with lots of rain and wind!  Even being a week or 2 before the spawn, the bass fishing was awesome! Average bass were around 14-17" with a few over 19" and the record being 19.75".  The pike were just average with the largest being 37" and a number around 33".  There were a couple tiger muskie caught, 33" and largest at 40". (the 40" tiger was caught on an ultra light with 8# mono.  It was mind blowing!)  Another year with regular muskie too.  Where were these dudes hiding in years past?!  Muskie at 37", and 2 monsters at 46" and 48".  The lake trout were amazing.  We must have caught 20 as a group this week with Doug breaking Rob's 30" record on the last day with a 33" laker.  Really fun to catch!  Really awesome week! 


The Rose Party

Rob Struthers, Jeff Rose, Doug Edwards, Bill Lind, and Wood Struthers

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/29-6/4/2022

Group Name: Thomas

Guest Comments: Great opportunities, battled some windy, rainy, and cool weather. Water temps started in the mid 50's and ended in the low 50's.  Plenty of walleye  on live bait, the best smallmouth fishing was below the North rapids. Largest smallmouth bass was 5.5#, 30" walleye, lots of northerns on West side of Jones, Eltrut was good when the wind was down for walleye and bass. Used a white chatter bait or spinner bait with a white trailer.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/29-6/3/2022

Group Name: Robbins

Guest Comments: The new cabin was terrific - obvious that much thought was involved in providing an ideal experience for clients.   Greatly appreciate all involved in experience.

Fishing was outstanding - despite adverse weather conditions. Caught more large walleyes this trip than most years. 

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 5/27-6/1/2022

Group Name: Staab

Guest Comments: Great fishing! Hard to find smallmouth smaller than 13". Lots of 20"+ smallmouth and 30-30" pike. Largest walleye 24"

Lake: Highrock

Dates: 5/27-6/1/2022

Group Name: Vogan/Haley

Guest Comments: Another great trip to Highrock, good to be back. Caught lots of fish. Many walleye over 24", biggest 28.5".  Live bait with jigs on bobbers. Dock fishing was great again this year.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/26-6/1/2022

Group Name: McCallum

Guest Comments:

Walleyes - 76   largest 30"

Pike - 122   largest 36, 39, 42"

Smallmouth bass - 283   19.5"

Lake Trout - 13

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 5/24-5/31/2022

Group Name: Patton

Guest Comments: Smallmouth fishing was fantastic(3-5#) in 3-5 feet of water around islands and rocky shores using leeches and minnows under slip bobbers. Walleye were a little harder to find. We caught most (10') trolling w/ Lindy Rigs and floating jig heads. - biggest walleye 22". Biggest pike 33". Several pike caught while fishing for walleye.

Lake: Jones

Dates: 5/24-5/29/2022

Group Name: Simon

Guest Comments: Falls in the river - great for smallmouth and walleye.

Tons of 20"+ smallmouth

Lake was slow fishing, most fish caught were in the river.

Lake: Kinewan

Dates: 5/23-5/29/2022

Group Name: Waltman

Guest Comments:  The plane ride was great and the fishing was great. We caught walleye, pike, and smallmouth.

32" pike

26" walleye

19" smallmouth bass

All equipment ran good!

Lake: Dogfly

Dates: 5/22-5/29/2022

Group Name: Tullidge

Guest Comments: Great fishing! Great cabin! Weather was fantastic. Hosts were incredible. Caught lots of fish.

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 5/21-5/26/2022

Group Name: Christenson

Guest Comments: Another great trip with GNO. Walleye a little slow pre spawn. Reliable bass and northern. Bay behind cabin was hottest spot, also did well trolling along South end worked well. Saw a moose. 

Lake: Highrock

Dates: 5/18-5/23/2022

Group Name: Grandstand

Guest Comments: 2 people focused on pike and had good luck in the bays staying out of the wind.  2 people focused on walleye which went into hiding for 2 days. Caught good numbers of bass in the shallows while fishing pike, smallest bass caught was 15". 

Lake: Dogfly

Dates: 5/18-5/22/2022

Group Name: Videen

Guest Comments: Due to Covid we have waited almost 3 years to get back to our annual fishing trip and almost struck out once again due to ice on the lakes.   From Day 1 Lucas and Nicole have responded to all the emails with questions and over the years kept us in the loop on all the changes going. Lake Trout fishing was new to us and even though Lucas was extremely busy trying to prep for the upcoming season he spent time with us showing us where to fish and how to fish for lake trout and even shared a few of his favorite lake trout recipes.  The cabin at Dogfly is absolutely amazing.  Everything with the cabin and boats worked perfect.   The weather wasn’t great and even snowed on us one day but the fishing made it all worth it!   We had a blast catching Lake Trout (largest 30") and also a large number of quality northern with the largest being 41”     


Top Notch Outfitter all around.   Lucas/Nicole and Team go the extra mile to make these trips memorable!