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2021 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

9 Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outposts Drive In Fishing Cabins on Off Lake.

Remote Canadian fishing vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie.  Canadian wolf hunts in Ontario. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 9/24-9/27/2021

Group Name: Hemberger

Guest Comments: Had a great time. Weather was perfect. Caught plenty to eat and released 18-22" walleye. Northerns and bass were fun as well. Did the portages to unnamed lake and Upper Highrock.  Cabins and boats and equipment was perfect as usual.

Lake: Trout

Dates: 9/17-9/24/2021

Group Name: Ronek

Guest Comments: Walleye were found at 20-30 feet. After the rain, all species were deep at 20-30 feet. Had a great time even with the up and down weather. Minnows and crawlers worked well for walleye, but Gulp minnows worked also. 

Lake: Dogfly

Dates: 9/18-9/22/2021

Group Name: Snortum

Guest Comments: Another awesome trip, after a year of no border crossings. We had a blast catching the lake trout, tons of smallmouth bass, huge rain storm on 3rd day, but fishing was back to normal on 4th day. So nice to see the whole gang again! Thanks for the top notch operation! Thanks to Trevor for the smooth flights. See everyone next year!

Lake: Sakwite

Dates: 9/16-9/20/2021

Group Name: Trujillo

Guest Comments: Everything worked very well. Fishing was good as usual. Mainly fished walleye and did very well. Largest walleye was 25" and was a personal best for one of our group. Also caught smallmouth and a few pike while fishing for walleye. Best depth was 20'.

Lake: Kinewan

Dates: 9/15-9/19/2021

Group Name: Grussing

Guest Comments: Good walleye fishing! Some smallmouth and northern. Cabin was great. We will be back next year.

Lake: Dogfly

Dates: 9/11-9/18/2021

Group Name: Galazin

Guest Comments: Captured and released all but 3 lakers and 2 bass which we ate. Caught about 35 lake trout, 100's of bass, and 50+/- pike (largest 33").

Lake: Grant

Dates: 9/12-9/17/2021

Group Name: Appel

Guest Comments: Started out slow first 2 days. On day 3 the fish started hitting. Big smallmouth all over! Largest smallie was 20". A lot of smallmouth bass from 16-19". Largest northern was just under 31". The lake trout were slow. The largest lake trout were 1 just under 31" and 1 at 31". great accommodations and service from Trevor and the Adams family. Fourth year with GNO, we will be back, already rebooked for next year!

Lake: Jones

Dates: 9/11-9/16/2021

Group Name: Kinsella

Guest Comments: We had great weather mostly and had great accommodations. Trip was very well supplied. Boats and motors ran great. Fishing was as expected with many caught by all 8 of the party. We will be back, already rebooked.

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 9/11-9/16/2021

Group Name: Schotz

Guest Comments: Cabin was exactly as advertised. Everything worked! and nothing leaked!

23" smallmouth bass was largest and caught plenty of walleye on no name lake.

Lake: Sakwite

Dates: 9/9-9/16/2021

Group Name: Secrist

Guest Comments: Great trip, as always. Good fishing for bass and walleye. Lots of eater walleye and larger ones.

Lake: Kinewan

Dates: 9/5-9/12/2021

Group Name: Springer

Guest Comments: Sounds like a broken record but Lucas and Nicole are the best! Cabin was perfect and the boat motors ran great! And the fishing was super. Many bass in the 3.5-4# range. Several pike in the 36-38" range. Enjoyed eating walleye. Booked for next year and counting the days. Thank you for a great trip.

Lake: Grant

Dates: 9/5-9/11/2021

Group Name: Rose

Guest Comments: Another great trip to Grant. Everything functioned properly and ran flawlessly. Caught excellent numbers of smallmouth. Weed growth was great and easier to fish than our spring trips. Largest  bass was 20", largest pike 37", largest lake trout 28", largest muskie 42". We will be back in 8 months for our spring trip!

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 9/6-9/11/2021

Group Name: Schroeder

Guest Comments: Bass fantastic off rock walls with weeds and submerged rocks. Rapala's very successful.  Largest was 20". Pike decent to good - largest was 30". Great place - Thanks!

Lake: Highrock

Dates: 9/6-9/10/2021

Group Name: Stolle

Guest Comments: Great trip even though we had to "dodge" some rain and thunderstorms most of the week.  Walleyes were plentiful on jigs and minnows in 15-20 feet of water.  Largest was a 28" walleye, caught on the last day at the end of a rocky point at the 24 foot mark. We also (unintentionally) caught some good sized Northerns and 3 Huge smallmouths while fishing for walleyes.  The cabin is one of the best, and has held up well over the past 7 years. The new covered barbeque area right next to the deck allowed us to cook in the rain just fine.  Trevor is the best pilot we have had in our many years of fly-ins, and was able to safely negotiate a fogged-in lake on the way there.  Food pack was great and Lucas and Nicole managed every detail of our trip flawlessly as usual! We'll be back next year!

Lake: Eric

Dates: 9/3-9/8/2021

Group Name: Haar

Guest Comments: Cabin rustic. Great fishing - plenty of fish to eat. Caught multiple smallmouth 17-20". Largest walleye 27"

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 8/28-9/6/2021

Group Name: Bobeck

Guest Comments: Caught 90 pike, 10 bass, and one walleye. Great time, great cabin, great location, awesome outfitters. Be back in March for a wolf hunt.

Lake: Highrock

Dates: 9/3-9/6/2021

Group Name: Golden

Guest Comments: Bass were concentrated around the humps out from the cabin. Lots of walleye on the far East end off the rocky points. Spinners and crawlers / minnows worked best. The bigger walleye were in the deeper water, 13-20'. Biggest walleye were in the deeper holes. Narrow passes seemed to hold fish. Upper Highrock held some big northerns, multiples over 30", under water structure always holds fish. Lots of fun! Can't wait to come back!

Lake: Kinewan

Dates: 8/30-9/5/2021

Group Name: Jones

Guest Comments: Excellent accommodations! Maps and explanation accurate and complete. 30" pike, many every day. Plenty of walleye 15-18" several over 22". Smallmouth - we did not fish for them but still caught many. Several up to 20".

Lake: Grant

Dates: 8/29-9/5/2021

Group Name: Hinton

Guest Comments: Great trip after a long and uncertain 2 years. Lucas and Nicole treat us like old friends. They run a top notch outfit. Everything runs right. Fishing was as expected. Many pike over 30". Lots of smallies. Seven trout and one small muskie. Biggest pike 36". Largest trout 32". Biggest bass 18.75". No doubt we'll be back again!

Lake: Jones

Dates: 8/30-9/4/2021

Group Name: Stoltzfus

Guest Comments: Many smallmouth 16-22"

Walleye and smallmouth mixed on humps.

Great facilities. Great time all around.

Lake: Trout

Dates: 8/30-9/4/2021

Group Name: Camp

Guest Comments: Trout Lake - 4 guys - best boat ever, best cabin ever (in 50 years!) Huge smallmouth 3-4 pounds on surface! with Whopper Ploppers (75 mm). They exploded out of the water and then danced for us! Sweet. Lucas & Nicole are the best.

Lake: Eric

Dates: 8/29-9/4/2021

Group Name: Robbins

Guest Comments: Another great trip with GNO. I was wonderful seeing Lucas, Nicole, Hunter, and Trevor again, after 2 long years. Fished Eric Lake. It is smaller, but just as picturesque. We caught more fish than ever, and with the greatest ease. Because of the size of the lake, the fish are easier to locate and stay with. And, during our 5 days anyway, they were aggressive. The walleye are numerous. Only problem is their size. They tend to be too large. 22” to 25” galore (not really a complaint).We didn’t much target bass, but
caught dozens and dozens on walleye jigs. Very few were under 17 inches.  They’re monsters.  No big northern, but we didn’t care and didn’t try very hard. The walleye and bass fishing was just too productive to turn away from. As always, the appliances, boats and motors, and generator worked flawlessly. Cabin clean and well equipped. The fish cleaning shed and grilling/frying shed are wonderful additions. Trumpeter swans, grouse, eagles, beavers, and otters all alive and well. Can’t wait til next year. Thanks to the Adams, again, for what is always the best week of every year. 

Lake: Trout

Dates: 8/23-8/30/2021

Group Name: Patterson

Guest Comments: Fishing was a little slow - walleye at 25'. northern better at trolling, largest a fat 37". Bass were scattered, ones caught were very good size. We will be back.

Lake: Jones

Dates: 8/25-8/30/2021

Group Name: Lud

Guest Comments: Fishing was good - had never done the fall timeframe before.

Biggest northern - 30"

Biggest smallmouth - 22" and multiple 19's

Best lures - plastic and Whopper Ploppers

Lake: Grant

Dates: 8/22 -8/29/2021

Group Name: Minnick

Guest Comments: Great time! We worked for the bigger fish and we caught them.

Lake: Sakwite

Dates: 8/24 -8/28/2021

Group Name: Demers

Guest Comments: Smallmouth bass everywhere to 18" on spinnerbaits, top waters, and spoons largest 22" - every grass bed......

Pike to 28" on spoons, crank baits, trolling, and casting.

Trout to 27", trolling deep diving crank baits in main channel - deep

Walleye to 24", trolling spoons and crank baits.

Lake: Kinewan

Dates: 8/22-8/29/2021

Group Name: Tophem

Guest Comments: Kinewan 2021 !   All we can say is 100% top notch!!!!  Can’t give exact numbers of fish, LOTS, but can say size and quality were outstanding.   Walleye to 27”and smallmouth to 20” and northern to near 38”.   Cabin was the best we’ve ever seen fishing outposts for 17 years and boats ran perfect.  Gateway runs a flawless and worry free business.  Thanks to all and we will be in touch for 2022 !

Lake: Highrock

Dates: 8/21 -8/28/2021

Group Name: Ware

Guest Comments: We had a great time on our first trip to Highrock. Fishing was unfortunately slow, but managed to catch a 30" walleye (record for many trips to Canada). Several nice bass up to 19.5". Cabin is best we have ever been to and all equipment was great. We started at L&M in this area years ago, and it was nice to come back to this area and see Lucas, Nicole, and Hunter.

Lake: Sakwite

Dates: 8/20 -8/24/2021

Group Name: Connell

Guest Comments: Fishing was great! Averaged over 60 fish per day.

Smallies - 10-15 feet of water - 10-18" , largest was 19"  Jig & Lindy & popper surface bait

Walleye - 17-21 feet of water - 18-22" largest was 28"  Jig& Lindy

Did not fish pike hard, but easy to find with spoons in the weeds, largest was 32"

We will be back, excellent lake!

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 8/17 -8/22/2021

Group Name: Wagner

Guest Comments: Group of 5 caught over 500 fish in 5 days. Largest pike was 36", smallmouth bass 19", and 21" walleye. Everything worked great and had a super time. Thanks to Lucas & Nicole, cabin was nice and clean.

Lake: Jones

Dates: 8/16 -8/22/2021

Group Name: Steffens

Guest Comments: Cabin was excellent, we could ask for anything more. The new covered BBQ was great! We have had many trips to Jones, fishing was the best ever, lots of all species. No monsters, but lots of fish.

Lake: Kinewan

Dates: 8/15 -8/22/2021

Group Name: Turnbull

Guest Comments: Steady fishing but at times non stop. Great cabin. Rebooked for next year!

Caught walleyes from 7'-23'

Largest walleye -  26.5"

Largest northern - 34"

Largest smallmouth bass - 20"

Lake: Eric

Dates: 8/13 -8/17/2021

Group Name: Hemberger/Anderson

Guest Comments: Outstanding lake! Caught tons of 18-20" walleyes. 1 @23". Caught lots of northerns, 2 being 35" plus. The smallmouth bass was terrific with lots of 17-20" fish. We will definitely repeat this lake! One of our best trips ever!

Lake: Fishtrap

Dates: 8/11 -8/17/2021

Group Name: Flatt

Guest Comments: Very good time!!! Lots of fish caught. Largest smallmouth was 4.4#. Caught a few walleye on Fishtrap fishing for pike. Caught lots of walleye on un named lake across from cabin. Had excellent fishing on Upper Highrock. We will be back!

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