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2023 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

9 Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outposts 

  Enjoy fishing on a pristine lake in Northwestern Ontario, Canada and staying in our fly-in outpost cabins.  Remote Canadian fishing vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian wolf hunts in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 9/15-9/19/2023

Group Name: Knutson

Guest Comments:  Fishing was great.  More northerns this year.  Cabin was great. Trevor - great job as always.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 9/9-9/16/2023

Group Name: Appel

Guest Comments:  Another great trip to Grant Lake! Largest northern was 37".  Largest lake trout was 30".  Largest smallmouth bass was 22".  Boat ran great!  Cabin was clean and everything worked well.  We will be back in 2024!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 9/10-9/16/2023

Group Name: Galazin

Guest Comments:  We caught lots of smallmouth all over the lake.  Caught over 70 one morning before lunch.  Lake trout fishing was very good once we located them.  They were in different areas this year compared to others.  The lake trout make an excellent meal.  Weather was good and we enjoyed our stay again.  We will be back next year!

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 9/8-9/15/2023

Group Name: Childress

Guest Comments:  Another great trip.  Enjoyed the September weather and no bugs. All the equipment worked great and as should. The fish were very cooperative.  We caught lots of smallmouth and walleye, and some pike.  Smallmouth were very aggressive.  Caught lots of walleye in the 15-18" range every day, largest walleye was 28", and couple of 24" walleye.  We will be back.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 9/9-9/14/2023

Group Name: Kinsella

Guest Comments: Another great trip to Jones Lake.  Fishing was excellent again this year.  Caught lots f pike, walleye, and smallmouth on Jones and in the river.  Fish on 27 consecutive casts.  We will be back next year!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 9/6-9/10/2023

Group Name: Snortum

Guest Comments:  Great fishing.  Lost count of bass.  Several pike, biggest 27", 29", 32", and 34".  Most pike were over weed beds in 10-12' of water.  Trout were on 50' - 70' breaks with #11 tail dancers and lead core  line.  Water temps were 67-69 degrees.  No trout were caught under 40' of water.  Marked most around 25-35 feet down.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 9/3-9/10/2023

Group Name: Bobeck

Guest Comments:  Great time at Sakwite.  Weather and fishing was good.  Caught pike, bass, walleye, and lake trout.  Highlight was a 36" lake trout!  Lucas, Nicole, Hunter, and Trevor were awesome as always!

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 9/2-9/9/2023

Group Name: Samuel

Guest Comments: Another great trip to KInewan.  This was probably our best trip ever fishing.  Caught LOTS of walleye and smallmouth bass.  Cabin and equipment worked flawlessly as usual.  Weather was up and down for the week, it was hot, then cold, some rain, and thunderstorm, but none of slowed the fishing.  We will return next year.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 9/6-9/9/2023

Group Name: Golden

Guest Comments:  Jones Lake was a great fishing experience.  Walleye were very plentiful in the river between Jones and Eltrut Lakes.  Bass and northern were caught throughout the lakes and river.  Fishing off the dock was as good for bass and northern pike, slip bobbers and minnows.  Mornings and evenings off the dock were excellent.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 8/27-9/3/2023

Group Name: Smiley

Guest Comments:  We had a treat trip. One of our group got the Sakwite slam along with a couple of sunfish.. .plus a perch!!  Largest were bass 19 3/4”, walleye 26 1/2”, pike 30” lake trout 26”  We caught three huge bass and a walleye trolling for lake trout in 70 feet of water!!!  The Whopper Plopper worked well on the surface. Walleyes were scattered, but most were over 20”. Many, many bass 16-18 inches.  

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 8/28-9/3/2023

Group Name: Patterson

Guest Comments: Fishing started slow but by end of the week the bass fishing was great, curly tail grubs, with spinners, and wacky worms.  We killed the walleye on Upper Highrock on minnows, lots of large walleye too, overall a great trip.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 8/28-9/2/2023

Group Name: Stoltzfus

Guest Comments:  Had to look for walleye, but caught plenty eat and throw back.  Bigger walleye below rocks to outlet and other side of beaver dam in far West arm.  Night crawler on a jig was best.  Largest walleye was 25".  One guy used Gulp (no crawlers),  Smallmouth ad northern early morning top water

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 8/26-9/2/2023

Group Name: Matson

Guest Comments:  Excellent fishing lake!  We caught lots of every species.  With the great fishing and new cabin, there is no way you could have anything other than a great trip.  Trevor is an excellent pilot!

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 8/19-8/25/2023

Group Name: Steffens

Guest Comments: Cabin was great.  We really liked the addition of the Blackstone griddle.  Fishing was great as usual.  Largest pike was 36".  A few big smallmouth in the  4-5# range and lots walleye up to 20", a few larger, largest was 25".  We will be back. 

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 8/19-8/24/2023

Group Name: Robbins

Guest Comments:  Trout Lake is spectacular. Its vastness and scenery reminded us of the Boundary Waters. Fish weren’t caught on every cast, but a few trophy sized northern and walleye were the consolation. Like all the other Gateway North cabins, the new one on Trout is beautiful. Its position on the island is perfect. Boats, motors, and generator all worked flawlessly, as per usual. Those Yamaha motors make us all nearly forget how temperamental boat motors used to be. Lucas and Nicole must be the best outfitters in all of Canada. Looking forward to next year

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 8/16-8/20/2023

Group Name: Mc Carthy

Guest Comments:  We all had an excellent time.  This was our first fly in fishing trip.  Caught tons of pike up to 30".  Some big smallmouth and lots of walleye.  Largest walleye was 25" and multiple 24" with lots of eaters.  A pike attacked a walleye we had on 2 different times!  Very cool to see!  Flight were great, landing were exceptionally smooth. We will be back for another trip in the future, but for a longer time as we were not ready to leave yet!

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 8/16-8/19/2023

Group Name: Mork

Guest Comments:  Cabin and facilities were very good, made for a comfortable stay.  We caught and ate lots of fish.  Excellent fishing lake for all species.  Largest pike was 36". Flights were excellent.


Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 8/2-8/16/2023

Group Name: Secrist

Guest Comments: Facilities and equipment was top notch as always.  Motor worked great. Walleye was consistent with lots of eaters and a few lakers.  Mid day top water bite was fantastic for 16-18" smallies on the Whopper Plopper!


Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 8/12-8/16/2023

Group Name: Minnick

Guest Comments:  We had a great time.  Flight was nice and smooth.  We enjoyed a few walleye dinners.  Largest pike was 30".  Hoping to return again next season. 

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 8/8-8/13/2023

Group Name: Franzen

Guest Comments: Great week of fishing. We caught walleyes on nearly every point and rock pile we tried.  Most in the 19 - 22 inch range.  Biggest 25 inches. Struggled some days to catch fish small enough to keep and eat. Trolling crank bait and spinners seemed to be most effective. Color didn't seem to matter this trip.  The old dogs got lost briefly - it's a big lake! Cabin is nice and equipment runs great.  Looking forward to next year already.  

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 8/10-8/13/2023

Group Name: Maack

Guest Comments:  Very good fishing, we caught great numbers.  Walleye fishing was very good, largest was 23", largest pike was 37", and largest smallmouth was 22".  Cabin and equipment was all in good condition. Fun time had by everyone.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 8/5-8/12/2023

Group Name: Augspol

Guest Comments:  It was a very fun trip.  We caught all species.  Smallmouth were very abundant.  The cabin was very nice.  We really enjoyed the screened in porch.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 8/3-8/9/2023

Group Name: Selden

Guest Comments:  Cabin was beautiful!  Accommodations were excellent......everything we needed.  Hot calm weather, made for tougher fishing but kept plenty to keep us busy and eat.  Lots of 22-25" walleye.  Smallmouth are all 16" and bigger.  Lake is beautiful and you will never run out of water to fish.  Lake trout were easy to catch and a nice bonus.  Sunsets on the dock, sunrises out your back door......awesome trip!

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 7/30-8/6/2023

Group Name: Greaney

Guest Comments:  Another great trip to Jones Lake.  The walleye and smallmouth bite was excellent.  We had excellent weather all week.  We will be back next year again!

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 7/29-8/5/2023

Group Name: Williams

Guest Comments:  Another spectacular week with GNO.  Find the weed beds, find the fish.  27" walleye, multiple 18, 19, and 20" bass, 36" pike.  Hot lures were No 2 Mepps Long, Ned Rigs, Tiny Torpedos, fly rod poppers for bass.  Lucas, Nicole, and Hunter do a great job.  Can not wait to return. 

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 7/26-7/31/2023

Group Name: Minnick

Guest Comments: Great time and fishing.  Cabin was very nice. Very nice flights.  Weather was a bit cool.  No muskie were caught, maybe next year.  We will be back.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 7/26-7/30/2023

Group Name: Trujillo

Guest Comments: Overall, the fishing for our 4 days at Jones lake was excellent. During early to mid morning and early to mid evening on Wednesday and Thursday, nearly every cast with a minnow attached to it yielded a bite from an “eating sized” walleye or a smallmouth. That pace slowed slightly on Friday, likely in part due to our shortened supply of minnows. On Saturday, when we were worm and lure fishing only, walleye and smallmouth were less consistent in the same spots fished earlier in the trip. Across all 4 days, those seeking northern were finding them, mainly on crank baits and topper poppers. The largest walleye and smallmouth caught were in the 22”-24” range. The largest pike caught was nearly 36.”

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 7/23-7/29/2023

Group Name: Boden

Guest Comments: Great cabin and equipment.  Caught walleye, smallmouth, and pike.  Largest pike was 36".  Largest smallmouth was 21".  Largest walleye was 26".  West bay was the hot spot for our group.  Flights were smooth and on time.  Can't wait for next year.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 7/23-7/28/2023

Group Name: Wiltshire

Guest Comments:  As before, great time!!  Bass and walleye were plentiful, and lots of pike.  Great hosts and pilot!  Great cabin and grounds.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 7/22-7/28/2023

Group Name: Stamm

Guest Comments:  Wonderful time.  Great bass, pike, some trout, and a few walleye.  Great camp!


Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 7/21-7/26/2023

Group Name: Browning

Guest Comments: Very good trip.  We caught lots of eater sized walleye, largest was 22".  Largest pike was 37".  Caught lots of big smallmouth, largest was around 5#.  Cabin was very nice and roomy, very amenities.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 7/21-7/26/2023

Group Name: Aos

Guest Comments:  Fishing was great.  Our group caught all the species on Grant.  Largest smallmouth was 20".  Largest pike was 33".  Largest muskie was approximately 48", caught while fighting in a little smallmouth on a medium light rod with 8# test and a jig!  Caught 3 lake trout.  Motors ran excellent.  Very good trip, will recommend to others. 

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 7/17-7/23/2023

Group Name: O'Brien

Guest Comments: Fishing was great.  Mainly fished for smallmouth and caught lots of big bass.  Largest was 19.5" and rest were mostly in the 18-19" range.  Caught walleye anytime we wanted, and pike were everywhere.   Had a monster pike follow and then take a walleye on the stringer, and managed to break our metal stringer and steal our lunch.  Cabin was great and boats and motors ran well, no issues.  Flights were on time and smooth.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 7/20-7/23/2023

Group Name: Frazer

Guest Comments: Cabin was fantastic and very comfortable.  Everything worked well at the cabin.  Caught lots of big bass in the 17-19" range, walleye bite was a bit slow at times, caught some lake trout trolling deep diving cranks.  

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 7/17-7/21/2023

Group Name: Schulzetenberg

Guest Comments:  Lots of healthy 18-21" smallmouth bass jigging minnows in river close to Eltrut.  Lots of medium sized walleye.  Best action was in the river.  Schools of walleye in shaded pockets with depth changes.  Caught one very large pike.  Very good fishing!


Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 7/14-7/18/2023

Group Name: Earp

Guest Comments:  Fun trip.  Very nice cabin and equipment. Caught and ate lots of fish.  Very good flights in and out of the cabin.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 7/11-7/17/2023

Group Name: Clements

Guest Comments: Great lake - all species almost jumped into the boat.  Best fish production of all my life.  Largest pike 40".  Largest smallmouth - multiple 19.5".  Cabin was beautiful, excellent craftsmanship.  Trevor is a great pilot, smooth landings as usual. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 7/4-7/10/2023

Group Name: Hinton

Guest Comments:  Great week.  1st time at Kinewan.  One of the best trips ever in 28 years!  We averaged about 250 fish per boat the trip without trying hard.  Big pike - 37"

Big walleye - 26.5"  Big bass - 20.5"  Cabin was perfect - big and roomy with all the amenities.  We'll hit this one again!  These folks know how to do it up right!  Highest recommendation!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 7/6-7/9/2023

Group Name: Lingwall

Guest Comments: Was a short trip but very fun and worth it.  Caught lots of fish.  Largest smallmouth was 19". Good fishing for lake trout and pike as well.  

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 7/4-7/9/2023

Group Name: Hartley

Guest Comments: Muskie - trolling spoons around perch and grass. Largest was 42"

Smallmouth - jerk baits, topwater, and spy baits around grass and rocks.  Largest was 4#

Lake trout - trolling deep diving crankbaits and swimbaits.  Largest was a super fat 32"!  Fantastic fishing.  We had a great time, couldn't have been better!

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 7/1-7/7/2023

Group Name: Damron

Guest Comments: Great cabin and lake. Fish everywhere with mostly 17-20" smallmouth bass, probably 20-30 big bass per day. Largest smallmouth was 20.5". The walleye were easy to catch pretty much anytime, first time walleye on top water this trip. Most walleye 20" with 24" largest. Largest pike was 34". Loons everywhere. Wonderful outfitters and Trevor is an excellent pilot.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 7/3-7/7/2023

Group Name: Devoe

Guest Comments: First trip to Sakwite - fishing was great! 4 of our group of 6 completed the "Sakwite Slam" (lake trout, smallmouth bass, pike, and walleye caught)! Lots of eater walleye at the inflow/falls and shorelines in 12' of water.

Large fish - 26" lake trout, 30" pike, 28" walleye, 20" smallmouth bass.  Fish caught all over the lake. Lucas, Nicole, Hunter, and Trevor were fantastic! Thanks for afantastic trip!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 7/2-7/7/2023

Group Name: Schrombert

Guest Comments: Walleye were caught mostly trolling crankbaits. Some on worms. Largest was 24", average was 20". Enough keepers for a big fish fry. Pike were everywhere, caught on spinners mostly.

6 - lake trout caught while trolling for walleye. Smallmouth bass had a 17" average.

2 @ 19.5", caught on soft plastic mostly.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/29-7/4/2023

Group Name: Williamson

Guest Comments: The weather was great. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. Caught a huge muskie, couple of big pike, and smallmouth up to 19.5".   

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/29-7/3/2023

Group Name: McCune

Guest Comments: The fishing was awesome at Sakwite!  The best smallmouth bass fishing you'll ever experience!  You'll catch 14-19" bass and 24-26" pike.  The bass will definitely wear you out.  Highly recommend!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/27-7/2/2023

Group Name: Lanning

Guest Comments: The new cabin was excellent! Fantastic fishing.  Great walleye off of points.  Smallmouth were excellent everywhere.  First time fishing lake trout and caught 2 off of trolling lures.  Very fun. Lucas and Nicole were great as always.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/27-7/2/2023

Group Name: Anderson

Guest Comments: Very nice cabin.  Fishing was up and down for walleye compared to other years.  Lots of smallmouth.  Weather was hot and had some rain.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/26-7/2/2023

Group Name: Riebold

Guest Comments: Fishing overall was pretty good, we caught a bunch of Smallies 17-19" with a couple at and just over 20" mostly on grubs and top water. walleye took a bit to get figured out, but they were biting good on grubs with bigger jig heads. Most were 14-17" a couple at 18-20" and one at 24" just over 5 lbs. The Northerns were biting on everything when the sun was out.  2 of the biggest were 30-32" with several large ones breaking off at the boat. 


Amenities were good. The flat iron grill was very nice to have, we used it primarily for all cooking. 


Thanks for a great trip

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/27-7/1/2023

Group Name: Snotherly

Guest Comments: Had an excellent time during our stay. Cabin is new, clean and very comfortable. We took advantage of the grill and deep fryer in the cabana to make tasty dinners of walleye bites, fries, porkchops and steaks. Had a lot of newbies on the trip but the lake made for easy boating and fishing -- the lake bottom led to very few snags. Caught plenty of fish, the highlight was probably a 23-inch (ish) small mouth off a 3/4 ounce Daredevil spoon. Top water lures did very well when the wind was down. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/26-6/30/2023

Group Name: Salic

Guest Comments: We all had a great time.  Last visit was 2010 and brought some of our kids this time.  Fishing was excellent.  Caught lots of walleye, many up to 25", largest was 28" and 29".  The youngster caught the big one.  Cabin and equipment was excellent.  The youngster caught the big one.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/24-6/29/2023

Group Name: Suda

Guest Comments: Fish were all over the lake. We caught all species, 28" lake trout, 20" smallmouth, 20" walleye, 35" super fat pike.  All equipment runs perfectly as always with GNO.  The absolute best of the best outfitter! We will be back!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/24-6/29/2023

Group Name: Smith

Guest Comments: Another great trip.  Caught lots of smallmouth and pike.  Largest smallmouth was 18", and many above average sized pike. Pike were caught while targeting bass and caught a few lake trout.  Cabin was clean and comfortable as usual. Boats and motors ran well.  

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/22-6/27/2023

Group Name: Rademacher

Guest Comments: Another great trip with GNO.  Lucas, Nicole, Trevor, and Hunter are fabulous.  Plenty of big smallmouth bass, several 20"+, largest was 22" - 5.5#.  No trophy walleye or pike this year, but many more pike this year.  Cabin was perfect as usual.  Food package is a must for us.  We will be back next year and trying Dogfly for lake trout!

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/22-6/26/2023

Group Name: Taylor

Guest Comments: Lots of smallmouth bass and walleye in 18-20" range. Largest northern pike was 17#.  Fishing good in the river along the weeds.  Everything at the cabin was good.  Pilot and hosts were great.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/21-6/26/2023

Group Name: Womack

Guest Comments: Excellent fishing and cabin.  Caught lots of walleye and 2-3# smallmouth.  No big pike.  Best fishing was at bottom of rapids on Little Kinewan. We all had a good time and enjoyed our stay.  

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/18-6/24/2023

Group Name: Ruchti

Guest Comments: We had a great time.  Caught 2 lake trout. Largest walleye 20", largest smallmouth bass 17".

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/18-6/23/2023

Group Name: Berger

Guest Comments: We had a very good time.  Caught some very nice smallmouth and walleye. Largest pike was 35".  We saw a moose on Upper Highrcok.  Facilities were excellent. The fans and generator were a plus with the high heat.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/18-6/22/2023

Group Name: Garner

Guest Comments: Excellent trip as usual. Cabin, boats, and motors all great.  Flights were smooth and on time.  Caught lots of smallmouth bass, pike, and walleye.  Always great fishing on Jones, it is our go to lake every trip.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/18-6/22/2023

Group Name: Videen/Langer

Guest Comments: Four days of great weather and fantastic fishing.  Excellent cabin facilities and the screened in porch with the large table for eating was excellent to feel that breeze in the 85 degree weather.  Largest Pike 40” (caught by 14 year old grandson), largest Walleye 24”, and largest Smallmouth Bass 24”.  Our pilot Trevor was excellent! 

Thanks again Nicole and Lucas for your hospitality.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/15-6/22/2023

Group Name: Plutz

Guest Comments: Smallmouth bass for the majority of the week was fantastic, lots of 17-19".  Didn't manage to catch one over 19.5".  Walleye fishing was fairly consistent, caught good size 20-26" in The Narrows. Lake trout was good all week, trolled medium cranksbaits; flicker shads and eep diving baits.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/14-6/18/2023

Group Name: Cantebury

Guest Comments: Fishing was great. We caught a lot of bass in the 17-19" range.  A few lake trout, walleye, and pike.  Fish hit on everything we threw.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/11-6/18/2023

Group Name: Klongland

Guest Comments: Great cabin and accommodations.  Trevor nailed the flights as usual.  Walleye bite was slower than normal.  Smallmouth was awesome - 35 over 18"!!  Biggest walleye 25.5".  Several bass over 20".  Thanks to Lucas, Nicole, Trevor, and Hunter for a fun week. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/10-6/16/2023

Group Name: Baner

Guest Comments: Smallmouth were exceptional, lots of 17-18" with tope end at 20".

Walleye were fantastic - typical 18-21" maxed out at 25"

Northern - lots in the mid 20' - largest was 34" 

Cabin was excellent with fantastic facilities!!!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/10-6/16/2023

Group Name: Sather

Guest Comments: Walleye at 10-15', multiple locations, largest 27.5", many up to 24". Trout were very active in multiple locations.  Cabin was fantastic.  Already rebooked for next year.  

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/9-6/14/2023

Group Name: Miller

Guest Comments: Everything was fantastic!  We caught fish all around the lake.  We caught bass, walleye, northern, and lake trout.  We caught the most right at the waterfall.  I can't tell you how many fish we caught, we caught so many!  This was the best we have seen!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/9-6/13/2023

Group Name: Grandstand

Guest Comments:  very good bass fishing!  Many northerns by fallen trees.  Great company.  Lots of bass in the shade next to the deeper water.  

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/6-6/13/2023

Group Name: Parker

Guest Comments: We had a very good time and caught lots of fish. The cabin was wasy more than we expected, it was not roughing.  Very nice and well laid out. Everything worked as it should.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/9-6/13/2023

Group Name: Morgan

Guest Comments: Great trip. Caught many 18-20" smallmouth. Largest pike was 33".  Largest walleye was 25".  Cabin was great. Very well supplied.  Boats and motors ran great. 

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 6/6-6/11/2023

Group Name: Haley

Guest Comments: Fishing was very good. Most walleye caught in 8-10' of water.  Largest walleye was 28.5"  Already rebooked same dates for next year!  Great camp and great people. 

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 6/4-6/10/2023

Group Name: Lord

Guest Comments: Many smallmouth 16-20" range.  Walleye - a lot of them 20-26" range.  Northern - biggest problem was catching ones small enough to keep for eating!  (Great problem)

Flights were great  - smooth landing both ways!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 6/5-6/10/2023

Group Name: Fasulo

Guest Comments: Fishing was fantastic!  Bass were just begging to get on beds and lock on.  Largest smallmouth was 19", walleye was 27", pike 37", and lake trout 27".

Lucas and Nicole are the best hosts and run a fantastic operation. We have been coming for years and will be back again next year!

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/4-6/9/2023

Group Name: Camp

Guest Comments: Great cabin, great lake, great flight, great fishing!  Smallmouth were  on fire and our main primary target.  The falls must have had thouands there feeding. Caught multiple 20", super fat and healthy.  Caught some larger pike and nice walleye.  This was our group leaders last trip after nearly 50 trips to Canada, Richard will be missed.    

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/2-6/9/2023

Group Name: Springer

Guest Comments: One of the best years.  No rain the entire trip.  Excellent accommodations as usual.  Fishing was outstanding.  Caught 1735 fish, released 1733.  Lucas and Nicole are the perfect hosts.  Already booked for next year!

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 6/4-6/9/2023

Group Name: Stutzman

Guest Comments: Great fishing, great accommodations, good boats and motors.  Great cabin, nice shower, and great grill - enjoyed the Blackstone griddle.

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/2-6/6/2023

Group Name: Hagen/Curtis

Guest Comments: Outstanding facilities, cabin was perfect.  Everything was thought of to make the trip enjoyable, very well thought out and planned.  Fishing was excellent for walleye, smallmouth bass, and  quality northerns.  Fish bit all day. 

Big fish were

3 - 38" pike

1 - 37.5"

1 - 28" walleye

1 -22" smallmouth bass

The beach across from cabin was excellent for swimming.  Highly recommend the lake and trip. We will be back!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/31-6/5/2023

Group Name: Waggoneer

Guest Comments:  Overall experience was great.  Cabin was great including screen porch.  Flight was excellent.  Smallmouth fishing was excellent. Northern pike was good as well. Hope to be back again.  

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/31-6/4/2023

Group Name: Bowman

Guest Comments:  Despite the heat, we had really great fishing.  We were surprised we could catch walleye in the middle of the day in the sun and heat.  Great smallmouth action all around  and especially at the falls.  It was fun drifting leeches for walleye.  Pike hit everything.  Fun top water action for smallies.  Great accommodations and we hope to come back again sometime in the future.  Our group made homemade lures that was really fun to make and to fish with.  A lot of us had good action on our homemade lures.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/30-6/4/2023

Group Name: Davis

Guest Comments:  Fishing was excellent!  Bass everywhere.  We caught 6-700 bass, walleye were spotty.  We caught plenty to eat.  We fished minimally for lake trout but caught 7.  Very nice.  Pike were spotty.  We also caught 1 crappie and 2 whitefish!  All in all, excellent trip.  Great flights and wonderful hosts.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/30-6/4/2023

Group Name: Ludwikowski

Guest Comments: Amazing!  Trip of a lifetime.  All species were biting.

35" northern

21" smallmouth

24" walleye

Thanks so much! Can't wait for next year to return, already rebooked! - The Luds

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 5/28-6/2/2023

Group Name: Sherwood

Guest Comments: Our group caught on average per person.

100+ smallmouth  most were 3-4#

40+ pike up to 40", (2 @40" for group)

40+ walleye 18-20"

Easy lake to fish. Very nice cabin, definitely was not roughing it. Will highly recommend Gateway North Outfitters.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/26-6/2/2023

Group Name: Tullidge

Guest Comments:  What a great trip. Caught Smallmouth, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Rock Bass.  Fantastic lake, loaded with fish. Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. Thanks Lucas and Nicole.  Headed back next year.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/26-6/1/2023

Group Name: Bixler

Guest Comments: Bass were starting to bed really good.  Some bay bass had bloody tails. Rock piles and and tubes

Lake Trout were good trolling w/ deep diving cranks from #22 to #23 point on map. 

Walleye were very good when we targeted them. Hard to catch eaters, most were 20' and over.  Largest was 27".  Big walleye caught at the start of #16. 

3rd time on lake, fishing has always been good, but this was the best year.  Gets better every year as we learn more about the lake.

The new cabin was fantastic. Could not ask for any better, very well thought out.  It was perfect. Great improvement.  We will be back in 2025!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/25-5/31/2023

Group Name: Patton

Guest Comments: Fishing - SMB was excellent all along shorelines.  Northerns were excellent - only a  few over 28".  Walleye scarce but good on Upper Highrock.  Caught a 27,28, and 29" on Fishtrap and some eaters as well.  Bought way too many leeches.

Accommodations were good. Motor on Highrock Lake needs carburetor adjustment at high speed.  One seat in boat was in bad shape. 

Wildlife - one bear sighting across the lake - no moose

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/26-5/30/2023

Group Name: Videen

Guest Comments: Amazing weather.  Fishing was slow but steady.  Boats ran excellent. 

3 times at Sakwite and always a blast.  Top outfitter.


Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/25-5/30/2023

Group Name: Henry

Guest Comments: First trip to Kinewan.  Very enjoyable overall.  Excellent walleye fishing with many large fish between 25-30".  Bass fishing was a little slow.  Another great experience.  Thanks to Nicole & Lucas.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/21-5/28/2023

Group Name: Rose

Guest Comments: Great outfitters!  Cabin, boats, motors, pilot, Beech 18 all great!  40" muskie, 40" tiger muskie, 20" smallmouth, 35" pike, 32" lake trout were the largest by species.  Our hots, GNO, are always friendly and efficient.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 5/24-5/28/2023

Group Name: Toivonen

Guest Comments:  Another great trip!  Smallmouth were plentiful.  Multiple pike over 30".  Many walleye in small size class.  Larger walleye in smaller groups, but excellent fishing.  Biggest walleye 28", with many over 20".  Hot beautiful weather in May!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/20-5/26/2023

Group Name: Rossner

Guest Comments:  30 lake trout. Ate lots of fish.  For the first time on the lake we did very well. Caught lots of all species. Very nice quick flight.  The cabin and entire set up is very well planned and thought out from the dock, fish cleaning, storage shed, hose set up to clean the boats and the new cabin with everything we  needed. We are returning next year the same time.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/20-5/256/2023

Group Name: Lenz

Guest Comments: Lots of smallies (12-18").  Walleye picked up last couple of days.  Northerns were not as plentiful, but average a bit larger than Kinewan.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/22-5/26/2023

Group Name: Bangert

Guest Comments:  The fishing was as great as I remembered decades ago. The lakers were relatively shallow and biting the whole time.  Most wereover the size limit so was a nice challenge.  The northern were good, largest was 38".  And caught some nice smallmouth .  All in all great fun.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/19-5/25/2023

Group Name: Bowlware

Guest Comments:  Caught lost of fish.  Biggest walleye - 27",  biggest pike - 42", and biggest smallmouth were 2 @ 23".  Smallmouth were on fire in the moving water.  Leeches worked best.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/20-5/25/2023

Group Name: Leas

Guest Comments:  Great fishing. Plenty of walleye, bass, and northern.  Cabin was perfect, very clean and accommodating.  The food package had everything we needed.  Good times with friends driving in the boat and finding the next sweet spot to catch fish.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/21-5/25/2023

Group Name: Darling

Guest Comments:  Great days - fishing spotty, but several large walleye up to 27", regular smallmouth, and northerns of coarse!  Had some bigger northerns and eater walleye in Upper Highrock.

Smallie baits - top water, swim baits (3-3 1/2"), and crank baits

Walleye - jigging


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