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2013 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

9 Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outposts Drive In Fishing Cabins on Off Lake. Canadian fishing vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian wolf hunts in Ontario. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 9/15 - 9/21/2013

Group Name: Myers

Guest Comments: Great fishing and cabin. 51" muskie, 28" walleye, 3 trout 31-33". Five personal best fish for the trip among the group.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 9/7 - 9/15/2013

Group Name: Nelson

Guest Comments: A great week on Pipestone. Caught some nice fish and had 1 really good muskie on. The cabin was very clean.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 9/7 - 9/14/2013

Group Name: Galazin

Guest Comments: Great cabin, generator, solar system. Pretty lake. We are inexperienced but managed to boat some bass, pike , and lake trout. Hard to catch fish small enough for meals. Only complaint is too many bent hooks and destroyed lures.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 9/1 - 9/7/2013

Group Name: Weaver

Guest Comments: Cabin was one of the nicest we have stayed in while fiushing Canada. Caught small mouth almost everywhere. We found a couple good walleye spots. Caught a nice muskie in Schistose. The generator system was very nice and a nice touch.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 8/31 - 9/6/2013

Group Name: Haar

Guest Comments: Smallmouth great. Fish to big to eat. Walleye fishing somewhat slow.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 8/24 - 8/31/2013

Group Name: Morgan

Guest Comments: Great week at Sakwite Lake! Thanks for everything Lucas & Nicole. The food pack Nicole put together for us was wonderful. The fishing did not disappoint. We had no experience with walleye or pike before we came. We caught tons of walleye off the island straight out the cabin across the lake and on the hump in the North part of the lake. We found them in 10-15 feet of water on drop offs. The best rigs were night crawlers on Lindy rigs trolling the bottom. We caught a few pike in the 25-30" range and they really hit the Rapalas in 6-12 feet of water. The bass are everywhere and they are FAT! We caught them in 1-15 feet of water on Mepps, worms, UV Tight Lines plastic worms on Texas rigs. The bass were mostly in the 12-18" range and 3 pounds.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 8/24 - 8/30/2013

Group Name: Vaught

Guest Comments: Great accommodations on the Pipestone outpost for our 6 day adventure. Extreme heat wave did not damper the fishing. Many big walleyes caught 28", 27", 27", 26 1/2", 26"!! etc. for starters in James Bay & Schistose Lake areas. 100's on smallmouth caused us to officially retire our favorite bass lures, for there was nothing left of them!! 9 musky follows, 1 hook up approx. 45". Thank you Lucas & Nicole for another memorable father & son adventure. You are great hosts, everything "top notch"!

John & Joe Vaught

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 8/18 - 8/24/2013

Group Name: Wagner

Guest Comments: Group of 2, 200 fish caught on 6 day trip. Upper Highrock best - many bass most 2-4#. 125 bass - 75 walleye. Good bass on Fishtrap. Largest walleye 24" - bass 19.5"(4.25#). Caught mostly on slip bobbers and leech or worm by submerged rocks. Great cabin and trip. Thanks Lucas & Nicole.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 8/17 - 8/24/2013

Group Name: Mitchell

Guest Comments: Cabin was very comfortable. Walleye fishing was good, caught a 40" pike and 53" muskie. We will be back.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 8/11 - 8/18/2013

Group Name: Cole

Guest Comments: Nice sunny week at the cabin. A great place to stay with good working equipment. Bass fishing was pretty limited to early and late in the day, but what beautiful fish! A few nice walleye in Fishtrap. Better in Highrock, but smaller in size. Not a great numbers week, but we did catch were great size.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 8/11 - 8/17/2013

Group Name: Matthews

Guest Comments: 6 guys - 6 days great trip. 33' muskie - 3 total. Nice pike on Grant - lots of bass. Napanee was awesome! Great camp. Will come back.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 8/10 - 8/17/2013

Group Name: Graber

Guest Comments: 2-21" walleye, 24" walleye, 16" smallmouth bass. Lots of northerns in the mid 20's, lots of smallmouth bass in the 8-10" range. Caught a great 43" muskie!

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 8/11 - 8/15/2013

Group Name: Swanson

Guest Comments: Good fishing and an awesome lake.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 8/3 - 8/11/2013

Group Name: Seaman

Guest Comments: For the 7 days on Fishtrap the fishing was faster on days, but never completely shut off. Caught a wide variety of fish including a few big perch. The weather the last day was awesome. The previous 6 were a little chilly, but still nice. The winds gave us the most problem with the way it switched a lot.

It was a little difficult to find smallmouth that were legal to keep. They are very healthy fish.

The walleye were a little easier to catch a keeper, but quite a few oversized fish were caught and released. Some 26-29" walleyes were caught. Caught 12 over 5 pounds one morning on Upper Highrock.

One northern brought up to the boat had to be 40". He didn't want to come into the boat so he kept the pop-r. Thanks much.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 8/3 - 8/11/2013

Group Name: Topham

Guest Comments: Great trip - weather cool and rainy. Turned walleye on and off every day. Walleye scattered  around lake, but we always few at every spot. Big walleye 26", smallmouth 20", one lake trout 24". Great cabin. Lots of wildlife.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 8/5 - 8/10/2013

Group Name: Berg

Guest Comments: Excellent fishing. We've been to Canada 5 times prior and this was the best lake we've visited. Walleye caught in bulk. James was our guide the first day and showed us great spots that we wouldn't have found without him. 15 walleye first day for our boat, 9 the next, one 26" and they averaged 18-20". Caught on pike 34" jigging for walleye in North Arm. Thompson Bay upper channel great pike. Easy drift protection from wind when main lake rough. No luck in James Bay. Good bass around 5 islands near cabin. Schistose couple walleye in South section near entrance (creek opening).

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 7/28 - 8/3/2013

Group Name: Williams

Guest Comments: 3 Dads and 4 kids spent 6 days on Fishtrap Lake. After a day or 2 to figure out the lake, and using the fish finder to key in on 10-15 feet of water, we caught lots and lots of pike and big bass. We caught nice walleye on Highrock Lake but no walleye on Fishtrap. Hot lures were perch shad raps, rattle traps, Mepps # 4's & 5's, and tiny torpedos for bass at night! Great trip! Thanks to Lucas and Nicole.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 7/30 - 8/3/2013

Group Name: Hemberger

Guest Comments: Got to Sakwite and went to a couple of spots before we found fish. Once we figured out how to fish the lake we started catching big walleyes and bass. Kim's first time and 1st fish was a 23.5" walleye. We caught a couple of bigger ones and lots of fish 16-22". The bass were fun catching and nice size 18-20". Caught some smaller northerns and  lost a good sized one. Great trip, will return. Thanks Lucas & Nicole.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 7/26 - 8/1/2013

Group Name: Wallace

Guest Comments: Spent 99% of time fishing Muskie on Pipestone. Caught 3 of 7 that we saw. All but one fish were on the edge of the weeds in 10-13'. Caught as many pike as we wanted while we were muskie fishing, most were in the 24-26 inch range. Only caught one pike in slot at 28". Picked up a couple bass here and there and didn't walleye fish.

Accommodations were great for an outpost - everything was clean and worked well.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 7/25 - 7/28/2013

Group Name: Jack

Guest Comments: Another great trip! Walleye were biting very good on leeches. Caught numerous 18-20" fish, all caught on floating jigs along weed lines. Cabin was clean and well stocked.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 7/17 - 7/27/2013

Group Name: Lambert

Guest Comments: Northern everywhere. Lots of walleye, largest 28". Cabin- everything worked great. Our 6th time at Pipestone and we will keep coming back.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 7/19 - 7/25/2013

Group Name: Springer

Guest Comments: Great facilities. Lucas & Nicole are outstanding hosts. Fishing was excellent. Bass and pike primarily and some walleyes. Overall, an outstanding trip!

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 7/12 - 7/19/2013

Group Name: Troup

Guest Comments: Very hot weather this week slowed the fishing down for us. Bass fishing was very good with leeches and top water plugs. Walleye spotty for us and lake trout was tough. Big fish of the week - bass 19", pike 33", laker 31", and walleye 23 1/2". Great lake and scenery. Lucas & Nicole were great hosts as usual!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 7/12 - 7/16/2013

Group Name: Iskowich

Guest Comments: Fishtrap great smallmouth action around points and islands, caught on leeches, crank baits, walleye slow, caught 3 in 4 days. Good northern pike action on spoons and Rapalas. Top water action good after 8 PM. Trolling good for all species. Highrock best walleye lake by far, caught 6-8 on jigs around rock islands. 4 people in 4 days caught 100 fish. 65% smallmouth, 30% northerns, 5% walleye. Live bait worked best. Weather was hot and calm. The generator system for the cabin was great, excellent cabin.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 7/7 - 7/16/2013

Group Name: Merritt

Guest Comments: Cabin was perfect. The lake was beautiful and full of life. The first couple days the bass fishing was very good. Walleyes were caught everyday and may 20-22" fish on average. Caught lots of northerns and had a muskie follow. James was a great guide and taught us lots about walleye fishing. Very personable and accommodating. Look forward to returning and may try a fly in next time!

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 7/7 - 7/10/2013

Group Name: Jack

Guest Comments: Another good trip. Lots of walleyes in the weeds. Largest walleye was 20". We will be back the end of the month.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 7/2/ - 7/9/2013

Group Name: Waddell

Guest Comments: Cabin and everything was good. First couple days hot and fishing was tougher. Fishing picked up as weather cooled over the week. Not many smallmouth over 16", largest was 19". Caught some pike and lake trout.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 7/4 - 7/7/2013

Group Name: Kurtz

Guest Comments: Fishing was great. Caught lots of walleye and northerns. GULP leeches and live leeches worked very good. Had lots of rain showers. Cabin was nice.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 7/1 - 7/6/2013

Group Name: Bendel

Guest Comments: Fishing for walleye was really good. Largest walleye was 28". Caught them all over. Leeches worked best. Caught a muskie, lots of northerns, and some bass. Cabin was good. We will be back next year.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/25 - 7/2/2013

Group Name: Guinn

Guest Comments: 4 amigos from Conway AR fished Dogfly with artificials only - caught lots of good small mouth's 16-17-18"s one 19". Did not fish trout, but caught 29", numerous northerns 28-36". Great times.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 6/27 - 7/1/2013

Group Name: McCune

Guest Comments: First two days were learning experiences. Easy to get turned around with the many islands. Scenery was awesome. Caught walleye in Thompson Bay near two islands. Weather the last two days were perfect. Mayfly hatch caused slow bites on walleye. Thanks to Lucas & Nicole for a lifetime experience with my boys and Greg's boys.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/27 - 6/29/2013

Group Name: McQuaker

Guest Comments: Fishing was best for walleye and bass at  the falls and the dock. Cabin and equipment all worked well. The 4 kids had a great time and enjoyed the trip.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 6/23 - 6/27/2013

Group Name: Jensen

Guest Comments: Good trip. Caught walleye, pike, bass, muskie, and trout. Best walleye in and around Thompson Bay. Lots of eaters and the largest being 29".  Largest muskie was 38". The rental boats were great and lots of room, really liked the Yamaha motors and the troll down feature.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/22 - 6/27/2013

Group Name: Schmitz

Guest Comments: Had to work for the walleye a little, but the smallmouth bass fishing was some of the best I've ever seen. Big bass one after the other. Largest pike was 38 1/2".

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/18 - 6/25/2013

Group Name: Sears

Guest Comments: Fished Dogfly and Bretz. Dogfly was great as usual, Bretz was surprisingly good! Great time on a great vacation. The cabin was in excellent shape and the upgrade to generator power a nice improvement.

Numerous bass in the 17-19" range. Pike up to 37" w/ one about 40". Trout were easy to catch as well.

Staff and pilot were all accommodating and great!! Thanks Lucas & Nicole!

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 6/16 - 6/23/2013

Group Name: Hoffman

Guest Comments: Good trip. First time fishing the lake. Smallmouth fishing was tougher in beginning of trip. Caught pike, walleye up to 30", a nice sized muskie, and a lake trout.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/15 - 6/22/2013

Group Name: Plutz

Guest Comments: Caught tons of fish. Our boat had 300+ smallmouth, biggest 18". Walleye 150+, biggest 23'. Pike - 50, 2 were 40". There were 2 other boats fishing too. Great time. Great cabin. We will be back. Kudos to Lucas and Nicole.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 6/15 - 6/21/2013

Group Name: Stromberg

Guest Comments: Had a great time. Caught limits of walleye, northern pike, and plenty of perch.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/13 - 6/18/2013

Group Name: Bitsko

Guest Comments: Smallmouth in various stages of the spawn. Lots in the 17" range. Caught 1 over 21" and a 19". Numbers were in the 40-80 fish per boat / day. lots of pike in the 27-31" range caught on Rapalas and spoons. Lake trout were more plentiful this trip. Caught them trolling and casting 20' from shore. Great time!

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 6/8 - 6/15/2013

Group Name: Williams

Guest Comments: Fishing for walleyes was good. Most were in the 17" range, largest were 25". Lots of small northern, no big ones. Only a few smallmouth. Great weather and very nice cabin. Very accommodating hosts.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 6/10 - 6/14/2013

Group Name: Olson

Guest Comments: Fishing for bass was spotty. Weather was great and everything worked well. All and all a great time. Caught a few walleye, lots of pike, and a 47" muskie.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/10 - 6/14/2013

Group Name: Harris

Guest Comments: Nice accommodations. Caught several fish. Mainly fished smallmouth. Many 2 1/2# smallmouth. Also caught 2 -  32" northern pike. Had a great time.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/9 - 6/13/2013

Group Name: Scearce

Guest Comments: The trip was amazing. Been fishing this lake for over 10 years. Best bass - 200+ (16" average), many over 18-19". Northern - 34", 33" (12-15 northern) ( light northern week). Lake trout - lots of trout trolling and casting (amazing size all were less than 15 ft deep).

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/8 - 6/12/2013

Group Name: Stolle

Guest Comments: Great weather and great cabin. Fishing for walleyes was a little slow and somewhat erratic. There was some evidence that they were still spawning. Size of walleyes was 18-22" mostly with few small ones. Most caught in 8-10 feet off points and humps. We had to work for them but always had enough for lunch.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 6/9 - 6/12/2013

Group Name: Jack

Guest Comments: Fishing was got and got better everyday. Caught walleyes, pike, and perch. Great fishing right by the dock for walleyes and few over 18".. Cabin was clean and comfortable as usual. We will return in a few weeks! Thanks Lucas, Nicole, and Hunter!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 6/3 - 6/10/2013

Group Name: Matthews

Guest Comments: Facilities were excellent, everything worked great. Walleyes were slow and in deep water. Caught smallmouth off rocks all around the lake. Caught 12 pike over 30", largest being 36". Screened in porch was a big plus!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/1 - 6/9/2013

Group Name: Berryman/Springer

Guest Comments: Another great year. 42.5" pike, 15# lake trout, quality and quantity on the bass! Already booked for next year. Lucas & Nicole do an outstanding job of treating their guests to a great fishing adventure.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 5/31 - 6/9/2013

Group Name: Hartley

Guest Comments: We fished 9 days and limited out on walleye and northerns. Largest walleye 25". The weather, hospitality, and accommodations were great. I would recommend anyone looking for a good fishing trip to Gateway North Outfitters.:

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 6/2 - 6/8/2013

Group Name: Henry

Guest Comments: Great trip. Lucas and Nicole run a great operation. This was our second trip to Sakwite. Water was high. Fishing was excellent. Bass were hitting everything. Largest bass 20", walleye 28", and pike 40"+. We plan to come back next year.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 6/2 - 6/8/2013

Group Name: Wild

Guest Comments: Great experience. Facilities are very nice and we had a great week of fishing. Perch and northern fishing was outstanding and we landed some nice walleyes as well.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/31 - 6/5/2013

Group Name: Eisner

Guest Comments: Our first time at Grant Lake and we really loved the beautiful setting. The cabin was very comfortable and we stayed quite cozy during the first 2 days when it was rather rainy and cool. Not much luck fishing those days, but then the weather cleared up and we had 2 stunning, warm days. Good for smallmouth in shallow bays on sunny days. We fished most of the lake but had the best luck near the falls across from the cabin and at the portage lake. Napanee Lake was wonderful! We caught quite a few big bass 2-3 pounds. Also caught good sized northerns. The fish were not yet on their beds, so fishing tended to be challenging, although rewarding.!

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/27 - 6/1/2013

Group Name: Compston

Guest Comments: Lots of smallmouth along shoreline and cover when weather was warm. Less active, deeper and on structure when got cold and rainy. Pike very active in shallow water. Largest pike was 21#! Great trip.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/26 - 5/31/2013

Group Name: Grady

Guest Comments: Fishing was tougher than usual due to the late spring. Not many numbers, but nice sized fish. Caught walleye, trout, bass, and pike. Cabin was great. Everything worked properly.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/24 - 5/31/2013

Group Name: Pearson

Guest Comments: Great pre spawn fishing. Lots of large smallmouth. Lake trout was great on Bandit 300. Pike fishing was easy and several large wide back ones. Facilities were top notch with clean cabin, beds, and kitchen. Well stocked with pots, pans, and dishes. We are booking next years trip.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/20 - 5/27/2013

Group Name: Cohlmeyer

Guest Comments: Cold and wet to start trip. Lake trout just about everywhere, about 70 for 3 people. A lot of bass - big ones, some northerns. Largest trout 30" and a lot of 28".

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 5/23 - 5/26/2013

Group Name: Jack

Guest Comments: Great stay, we brought the wives this trip and they enjoyed it very much. Walleye fishing was slow. Caught some nice perch, pike, and smallmouth. Looking forward to our return trip in June!

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/19 - 5/24/2013

Group Name: Schinbeckler

Guest Comments: Worst weather in 27 years (windy, rainy, and cold). Fishing was slower this  trip. Not lots of numbers, but very good sized fish caught. Several large lake trout. Cabin and everything was great, appreciate all you do.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/17 - 5/20/2013

Group Name: Nyberg

Guest Comments: Everything functioned properly at the cabin. Wood stove was appreciated with the wet cool weather. Fishing was tougher than last year. Lake trout were scattered from 30-80 feet of water. A good trip overall.

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