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Gateway North Outfitters is owned and operated by Lucas & Nicole Adams. I (Lucas) have been working in the hunting and fishing business for the last 20+ years. It all started when my parents left Iowa and purchased an American plan fishing lodge located on Yoke Lake. I spent 6 years guiding and helping with the daily operations there. Then I followed them into the fly in outpost business (L&M Fly In) and worked with them for the next 15 years running the office and airbase, as well as doing lots of the maintenance and cabin remodeling. My wife Nikki (also from Iowa) joined us in the business in the spring of 1996 and has been working the business ever since.

We purchased a small camp located on Off Lake in the spring of 2001 and started running our bear hunts and some deer hunts out of the cabins at this time, as well as overnight lodging for L&M Fly In guests. In the spring of 2004 we purchased our first outpost cabin, a boat in outpost located on Pipestone Lake. In the spring of 2006 we purchased two fly in outpost cabins located on Grant Lake and Dogfly Lake and continued working for L&M Fly In, as well as running our own operation.

In January of 2007 we purchased another fly in outpost cabin on Kaminni Lake. In the spring of 2007, L&M Fly In decided to move their base of operations to Dryden, Ontario. At this time, we decided it was time to separate and let Gateway North Outfitters grow and get our fullest attention. The fall of 2009 we found ourselves purchasing another fly in outpost cabin on Sakwite Lake. We had been trying to purchase this outpost for years, and everything finally fell into place. This was a much needed addition as our guests were wanting something new and the demand for an excellent fly in walleye lake was incredible.

The 2011 season we found ourselves purchasing and acquiring more BMA (Bear Management Areas) that adjoined our current areas. This was a great addition to give us more opportunities to better manage our area and handle a few more clients. Then later in the year we decided to purchase another fly in outpost cabin for the 2012 season. We purchased the Fishtrap Lake outpost cabin located next door to Sakwite. This lake offers more great smallmouth / walleye action. The 2013 season we decided to expand our fly in operation by purchasing a couple more outposts. We purchased Highrock Lake and Kinewan Lake. Both of these great locations are the only cabins on the lake and offer outstanding walleye / larger pike / abundant smallmouth bass. These lakes are right next door to Sakwite and Fishtrap Lake. We built a new cabin on Highrock Lake in the fall of 2014. This is a large deluxe outpost cabin with all the amenities. We strive for customer satisfaction and to make your trip one to remember.

The 2015 season was a big year for us. We bought a PA-12 Piper Cub for doing camp checks and maintenance to ensure you have a great trip. We also purchased a twin engine Beech-18 for transporting our guests in and out of the outposts. Then in the fall of 2015 we purchased 2 more outpost camps. Jones Lake and Otukamamoan (Trout) Lake. Jones Lake offers excellent walleye, smallmouth, and pike. It is the only cabin on over 7,500 acres of water and is located in the Turtle River Provincial Park. Trout Lake also offers excellent walleye, smallmouth, pike, and lake trout with over 13,000 acres of water and over 120 miles of shoreline to explore on the Trout River system.

The 2017 season we built another large deluxe outpost camp replacing the old cabin on Jones Lake. This cabin is our largest and sleeps up to 12 people. Hunter(our son) also got his pilots license this year and started to fly out and service the camps. The 2018 season we purchased a Cessna 180 to help keep up with camp checks and routine maintenance work with growing business.

The 2019 season we built a large deluxe outpost cabin on Dogfly Lake to keep up with our other cabins standards. Our daughters (Madeline and Matraca) also decided to start taking an active role working for Gateway North Outfitters. They are helping in taking care of the office, cabins, customer service, and anything else that might be needed. Your trip starts and ends with us and that is what separates us from everyone else.


Then in the fall of 2019 we built a large deluxe outpost cabin on Kinewan Lake to bring the cabin up to the standards of our other cabins. This will make Kinewan an even more popular destination and will sleep up to 12 people. This will be our 4th brand new cabin. We also purchased another outpost cabin on Eric Lake. It is noted for its excellent walleye and pike fishing with smallmouth bass as a bonus. This is our farthest outpost camp. This lake will be a great addition for our smaller groups and will sleep up to 6 people.   


The spring of 2020 we found ourselves experiencing something we never anticiapted ........ Covid. After being closed for nearly 2 full seasons, we found ourselves doing many upgrades at the outposts to keep us busy, we built covered BBQ cook stations at Fishtrap, Dogfly, Highrock, Kinewan, Jones, Trout, and Eric.  During this time, we also decided to focus primarily on the fly in outposts, and sell our bear hunting areas. This was a tough decision, but felt it was best at the time and for the future. In the late fall of 2021, we decided to build a new deluxe outpost on Eric Lake to give our guests the quality accommodations they have come to expect from us. This new cabin has 2 large bedrooms to accommodate up to 8 fishermen and a large 10x20 screened in porch overlooking the lake. This new cabin will very popular especially with the quality fishery guests will experience.

The people taking care of your vacation are the owners and care about your trip. We live in the area year round and enjoy the life that the business gives our family. We see our repeat guests as friends and look forward to meeting the new guests and sharing what we experience in the North country.  If you would like to experience something that we offer, feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you.
Lucas & Nicole Adams


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Lucas Adams
Owner / Operator / Pilot

Lucas does a little bit of everything. From checking in guests, explaining how things work at the cabin, marking lake maps, and helping on the dock are a daily occurrence. You will also see him flying out to the outposts doing maintenance.

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Nicole Adams
Owner / Operator

Nicole is very busy in keeping everything organized and on schedule. She takes care of most of the office work and checking in guests. She can answer most any questions you may have. It is rare that you see her just sitting around.

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Hunter Adams
Guide / Pilot

Hunter is very involved and helps in keeping everything moving on the dock getting guests prepared for their flight . After all the guests are moved, then Hunter flies out doing camp checks, maintenance, and cuts lots of grass. He is also helpful if you have any questions. In the winter months, he is offering and taking care of the wolf hunts.

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Trevor Lorteau
Chief Pilot

Trevor is responsible for transporting all guests to and from the outposts safely.  He has been flying the Beech for close to 20 years. He is very helpful if you have any questions about the flight, area, or outpost camps. He checks the supplies at the outposts and gives every group a walk around to make sure they know how things work. His passion is flying and it shows.

Madeline brochure.JPG
Madeline Adams

Madeline is seen all over. She is helping in the office, cleaning of cabins, and helping with maintenance jobs. She is learning all the different aspects of the business and is eager to help. You may even see her at the outposts helping out.

Matraca brochure.JPG
Matraca Adams

Matraca bounces all over helping out where ever it is needed. She is in the office, at the outposts, cleaning cabins, or picking up bait. She is also learning all the different aspects of the business and is eager to help.

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