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2023 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

9 Remote Canadian Fly In Fishing Outposts 

  Enjoy fishing on a pristine lake in Northwestern Ontario, Canada and staying in our fly-in outpost cabins.  Remote Canadian fishing vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian wolf hunts in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 6/2-6/6/2023

Group Name: Hagen/Curtis

Guest Comments: Outstanding facilities, cabin was perfect.  Everything was thought of to make the trip enjoyable, very well thought out and planned.  Fishing was excellent for walleye, smallmouth bass, and  quality northerns.  Fish bit all day. 

Big fish were

3 - 38" pike

1 - 37.5"

1 - 28" walleye

1 -22" smallmouth bass

The beach across from cabin was excellent for swimming.  Highly recommend the lake and trip. We will be back!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/31-6/5/2023

Group Name: Waggoneer

Guest Comments:  Overall experience was great.  Cabin was great including screen porch.  Flight was excellent.  Smallmouth fishing was excellent. Northern pike was good as well. Hope to be back again.  

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/31-6/4/2023

Group Name: Bowman

Guest Comments:  Despite the heat, we had really great fishing.  We were surprised we could catch walleye in the middle of the day in the sun and heat.  Great smallmouth action all around  and especially at the falls.  It was fun drifting leeches for walleye.  Pike hit everything.  Fun top water action for smallies.  Great accommodations and we hope to come back again sometime in the future.  Our group made homemade lures that was really fun to make and to fish with.  A lot of us had good action on our homemade lures.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/30-6/4/2023

Group Name: Davis

Guest Comments:  Fishing was excellent!  Bass everywhere.  We caught 6-700 bass, walleye were spotty.  We caught plenty to eat.  We fished minimally for lake trout but caught 7.  Very nice.  Pike were spotty.  We also caught 1crappie and 2 whitefish!  All in all, excellent trip.  Great flights and wonderful hosts.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/30-6/4/2023

Group Name: Ludwikowski

Guest Comments: Amazing!  Trip of a lifetime.  All species were biting.

35" northern

21" smallmouth

24" walleye

Thanks so much! Can't wait for next year to return, already rebooked! - The Luds

Lake: Eric Lake

Dates: 5/28-6/2/2023

Group Name: Sherwood

Guest Comments: Our group caught on average per person.

100+ smallmouth  most were 3-4#

40+ pike up to 40", (2 @40" for group)

40+ walleye 18-20"

Easy lake to fish. Very nice cabin, definitely was not roughing it. Will highly recommend Gateway North Outfitters.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/26-6/2/2023

Group Name: Tullidge

Guest Comments:  What a great trip. Caught Smallmouth, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Rock Bass.  Fantastic lake, loaded with fish. Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. Thanks Lucas and Nicole.  Headed back next year.

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/26-6/1/2023

Group Name: Bixler

Guest Comments: Bass were starting to bed really good.  Some bay bass had bloody tails. Rock piles and and tubes

Lake Trout were good trolling w/ deep diving cranks from #22 to #23 point on map. 

Walleye were very good when we targeted them. Hard to catch eaters, most were 20' and over.  Largest was 27".  Big walleye caught at the start of #16. 

3rd time on lake, fishing has always been good, but this was the best year.  Gets better every year as we learn more about the lake.

The new cabin was fantastic. Could not ask for any better, very well thought out.  It was perfect. Great improvement.  We will be back in 2025!

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/25-5/31/2023

Group Name: Patton

Guest Comments: Fishing - SMB was excellent all along shorelines.  Northerns were excellent - only a  few over 28".  Walleye scarce but good on Upper Highrock.  Caught a 27,28, and 29" on Fishtrap and some eaters as well.  Bought way too many leeches.

Accommodations were good. Motor on Highrock Lake needs carburetor adjustment at high speed.  One seat in boat was in bad shape. 

Wildlife - one bear sighting across the lake - no moose

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/26-5/30/2023

Group Name: Videen

Guest Comments: Amazing weather.  Fishing was slow but steady.  Boats ran excellent. 

3 times at Sakwite and always a blast.  Top outfitter.


Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/25-5/30/2023

Group Name: Henry

Guest Comments: First trip to Kinewan.  Very enjoyable overall.  Excellent walleye fishing with many large fish between 25-30".  Bass fishing was a little slow.  Another great experience.  Thanks to Nicole & Lucas.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/21-5/28/2023

Group Name: Rose

Guest Comments: Great outfitters!  Cabin, boats, motors, pilot, Beech 18 all great!  40" muskie, 40" tiger muskie, 20" smallmouth, 35" pike, 32" lake trout were the largest by species.  Our hots, GNO, are always friendly and efficient.

Lake: Highrock Lake

Dates: 5/24-5/28/2023

Group Name: Toivonen

Guest Comments:  Another great trip!  Smallmouth were plentiful.  Multiple pike over 30".  Many walleye in small size class.  Larger walleye in smaller groups, but excellent fishing.  Biggest walleye 28", with many over 20".  Hot beautiful weather in May!

Lake: Trout Lake

Dates: 5/20-5/26/2023

Group Name: Rossner

Guest Comments:  30 lake trout. Ate lots of fish.  For the first time on the lake we did very well. Caught lots of all species. Very nice quick flight.  The cabin and entire set up is very well planned and thought out from the dock, fish cleaning, storage shed, hose set up to clean the boats and the new cabin with everything we  needed. We are returning next year the same time.

Lake: Sakwite Lake

Dates: 5/20-5/256/2023

Group Name: Lenz

Guest Comments: Lots of smallies (12-18").  Walleye picked up last couple of days.  Northerns were not as plentiful, but average a bit larger than Kinewan.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/22-5/26/2023

Group Name: Bangert

Guest Comments:  The fishing was as great as I remembered decades ago. The lakers were relatively shallow and biting the whole time.  Most wereover the size limit so was a nice challenge.  The northern were good, largest was 38".  And caught some nice smallmouth .  All in all great fun.

Lake: Jones Lake

Dates: 5/19-5/25/2023

Group Name: Bowlware

Guest Comments:  Caught lost of fish.  Biggest walleye - 27",  biggest pike - 42", and biggest smallmouth were 2 @ 23".  Smallmouth were on fire in the moving water.  Leeches worked best.

Lake: Kinewan Lake

Dates: 5/20-5/25/2023

Group Name: Leas

Guest Comments:  Great fishing. Plenty of walleye, bass, and northern.  Cabin was perfect, very clean and accommodating.  The food package had everything we needed.  Good times with friends driving in the boat and finding the next sweet spot to catch fish.

Lake: Fishtrap Lake

Dates: 5/21-5/25/2023

Group Name: Darling

Guest Comments:  Great days - fishing spotty, but several large walleye up to 27", regular smallmouth, and northerns of coarse!  Had some bigger northerns and eater walleye in Upper Highrock.

Smallie baits - top water, swim baits (3-3 1/2"), and crank baits

Walleye - jigging


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